What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches? [Episode 10]

Episode 10 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast focuses on What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches from a broader perspective. We got some great information from Brandon Gaille of The Blog Millionaire Podcast.  On his SAAS company RankiQ’s blog, he shared a very informative study that they did call “14 Most Profitable Blog Niches That Makes The Most Money (2022). If you really did some deep research, it wouldn’t be hard to truly find other industries that are making tons of money online (many of those may happen in micro niches), but we wanted to show real life examples and/or broader niches that people are blogging about and really making an impact.  Did u hear Episode 9, yet?  Take a Listen & Enjoy!

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RankiQ’s Study

The Blogging Millionaire Podcast

Most Profitable Blog Niches  [Article]

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In episode 10 of the niche blogging tips podcast, we are going to discuss what are the most profitable blogging niches. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to the niche blogging tips podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn

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This is one of those subjects that almost everyone that's that come into the blogging space or even before you come into the blogging space. You know, most people want to know, you know, what's the most lucrative, you know, the most profitable niches in in the blogging space. And this can this can go so many different ways. Because everybody's experienced in different niches is unique.

So if you look at an overall view, or maybe look at some studies, like I'm about to refer to one, right here in front of me, you know, you might find, you know, something, that something that I don't want to say it as different but something that, you know, we all can probably agree upon. You know, I'm kind of using my air quotes in that aspect. But, you know, there's, I'm sure there's other other blogging niches that make far more than the ones I'm about to blurt out to you today on this episode.

So um, this study is actually a study by Brandon Gailey and shows. Some of you may have heard of him, he has a podcast called the Blogging Millionaire, which is awesome show, he did a study called the blogging income report, because this is bought a few years, a few years ago Blog Income report. And you know, I'll have a, I have a link to it in the show notes. And, actually, it's almost similar to the, to the previous episode, where we talked about the top five niches for blogging, and these just were the top five niches, and the last episode that came from me just off top of what you know, what I knew, and what I've, you know, kind of ran into in terms of what I thought was the top, you know, the top five spaces.

So a few of these are going to be, like I said, what I talked about in previous episode, but this particular article, he talks about, actually, this blog post is awesome. This this blog, income report, he talks about what are the most profitable blogs and affiliate more, he breaks down a whole bunch in his article, I haven't seen one, an article like this in a long time. So I thought he did a pretty darn good job on it, but the blogging niches that make the most money, and he did it, where he based it on, I guess, on a percentage of a certain percentage of blogs making, he said, but on this one, the percentage of blogs making over 2k per month, and he kind of broke it down.

And there are other articles that's written where people, you know, kind of give you their you know, I don't know if they did studies or whatnot. But this this one kind of caught my eye. And I actually had to read the whole thing, and I thought it was I just thought it was a great article.

So um, he said, the blogging niches that make the most money percentage of blogs, making over 2000 per month 24% were in the personal finance niche. And let me see, actually, that was on my top five Nick's top five niche in a previous episode where I talked about, um, you know, things such as, you know, just financial guidance, money. Crypto, talked about NFT's, all of that stuff. So just different, you know, sub sub niches of personal finance.

The next one, he has it 21% was marketing of the blogs that made over 2000 per month 21% of those in the marketing space. And that's actually the space that I'm in. So that's good to hear, right behind personal finance. That was number two. Number three is in a food space. And I spoke about that as well where I talked about the vegan space, and there's whole whole lot of different spaces and food, not just obviously vegan, but there's a lot of different food categories and other subcategories that chefs absolutely love. And you know, us is food eaters, love also, that was number three.

Number four was lifestyle, maybe I should have went up, I should have went the lease to the highest, but lifestyle makes up 15%. Right behind that is what he calls mommy, which is basically it's really, if you want to break it down, it's really in the lifestyle area, as well, but he kind of put it in its own space. And travel was the last one. And I spoke about travel also, and I spoke about lifestyle in the previous episode also, but travel as well. So I thought this thought this was pretty cool. But I'm gonna go into something else real quick.

In this article, he also did it by where he says the boy says the median monthly income of the major blogging niches. So the ones we reeled off are the ones that he considers as the major blogging niches, and he had food in terms of the monthly median. And he said $9,196 food bloggers make the next one personal finance 9100. Lifestyle 5199 Mommy 5150 Travel 5000 marketing last for 1269. But that was for the medium. The median income, says food bloggers, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, just kind of real. Real that off. Let me see it says other personal finances the best blogging niche in terms of making money in the food blogging niche is not far behind. So I'm kind of scrolling past and he also did a let me see he did a, he created an equation that that he says takes into account the median, blogging income and the percentage of blogs, making least 2k per month is weighted equation would yield the answer to one of the most asked questions by blogger, which is, which niche is the easiest one to make money in.

And he says the equation gave each niche a score between zero and 100, the closest score to 100 would signify the easiest path to making the most money. And here are all the results. And number six, the last one he had at 22, which is the travel industry, or the travel niche. Number five, he had mommy, which is he gave the score of 25/4 was lifestyle which he gave the score of 31. And number three, he had marketing at 36. Check this up, he had food at 62. This so the second easiest personal finance, the most easiest to make money and he scored that at 87.

So he said personal finance was at the top of the mountain as he expected. The real surprise was that the marketing niche came up being number three on the list in spite of the fact that it came in dead last in the median income. He says this is why you have to look at all sides of the research before jumping to a quick conclusion. So that was that was definitely definitely intriguing. But this is a nice, real nice article. It's a long article two he did a hell of a job on this. I actually I was up reading this last night and read the whole thing. So I thought it was cool. Let me see if there's anything else in here that I could blurt out.

Yeah, there's a there's so much here. I really don't want you guys to check it out. If you if you want to check it out. I'll put it in the show notes. So I'm not gonna I'm not gonna spoil the rest of it. But those are the most profitable blogging niches. According to Brandon Gailey of the blogging millionaires a great like I said, it's a great podcast. I'll leave his podcast link in the shownotes also at along with this article with nichebloggingtips.com/episode 10.

And if you guys know of any other niches that are profitable, please come to our Facebook groups, our private Facebook group at niche blogging tips.com forward slash group. This article is amazing. I really, really encourage you guys to read it. It's gonna give you way more info question and I told you here on this episode but we'll see you in our next episode which we're going to talk about some of the best niche blogging things. So make sure you subscribe, and also leave a review. If you guys are on iTunes or Spotify or anything like that, leave a review and that helps us get the message out and we'll see you guys next episode. Thank you.

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Thanks for listening to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast at www.nichebloggingtips.com

Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Hello, I'm Andre L. Vaughn and I'm fascinated with Niche Blogging and content marketing in general. I'm here to help you by delivering blogging tips and strategies to help you start a profitable blog in low competition niches. I'm glad to give as much value as I possibly can to help your blog become successful. Come along and let's have fun on this journey!

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[…] What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches  [Episode 10] […]


[…] What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches  [Episode 10] […]


[…] What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches  [Episode 10] […]