5 Blogging Niches For Beginners [Episode 13]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 13

In Episode 13 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast. we give a list of 5 Blogging Niches For Beginners.  This is our list and something that we came up with but it’s highly likely and very understanding if you make content about something that you are familiar with that you will find interesting and motivated to make content and help others.  When you make the type of content that you want to make then it will be fun and will likely translate to your audience. Most of these are very broad but have many micro niches within them which we prefer bloggers to focus on hence “Niche’n Down.” Listen to Episode 12 also if haven’t yet and Leave a Comment in our Private Facebook Group!

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In Episode 12, of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we are going to discuss how to do online marketing the right way. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. And now your host Andre Vaughn.

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When you are a new business, whether you are a small creator, or a big time entrepreneur, where if you're a big time entrepreneur, you have a team, so it's gonna be a little easier. But if you are a creator, or up and coming entrepreneur, and you are struggling with online marketing or digital marketing, whichever one remember those terms interchangeable, it can be tough, it really can, it can be very, very confusing. It could be difficult, it could be a whole lot of things, I mean, to the point to where your mindset, you may want to just stay traditional, you know, just deal with traditional methods of marketing and advertising and things like that, which is gonna cost you a lot of money.

But a lot of times, people think go into online marketing, not really knowing the basics, and not really knowing other than maybe plan on our phones and computers, you know, with social media and, and things like that. But if you stick to what I'm going to tell you, you can do this the right way. You can, you can have success, but you're going to need a level of patience. First of all, you're gonna need a level of patience. Don't get into this or anything else expecting results. Real soon, sometimes things take time, you're not gonna, you're just not gonna, we're not going to have customers running through your door, our customers coming to your site, or however you businesses, you just just not going to have a whole lot of traffic at the beginning. But if you learn these these basic things, they will serve you better in the long term.

First thing first, make sure you know the industry you're in or you know, the niche that you're in internet marketing is a broad, broad topic. But you have to know where your customers are and what do they want. If not, if you don't have an idea about you know, how you can target a specific audience or whatnot, you're gonna, you're gonna have a lot of aches and pains, but know your niche, know your industry gather as much research and as much information possible about it, about the players involved about the customers, all of that, see what people are saying about it. Another thing is you have to create some sort of a plan. If you don't have a plan, you can't implement different strategies, or you can't really evaluate anything. So make sure you have a sound business plan or a sound internet marketing plan. Know your competitors know your competitors.

It's going to be very competitive, more than likely. And most of these niches are most of these industries. But you still can get into lower competition niches and you want to make sure you find out this, you know the strengths, weaknesses of those competitors, but also, there's a lot of other things to learn also, such as, you know, your competitors, products, their services, how they price you know, there's products and services. This all type of different type of different things, value proposition, all those things.

So make sure that you know your competitors also, remember this maybe years ago, remember people told you, hey, you better have a website to get a website, everybody needs a website. And some people think they don't need a website. You can work around it if you're that. Clever, but I would highly recommend you to create your own website, or have somebody or have a website created a professional website, make sure it's optimized, make sure it has the proper keywords on there. In other words, you know, who are you targeting, what's the name of your business, make sure you have all of those on there, not just having a professional website, make sure you have a blog.

So a blog is just an updated, you know, different updated articles on the website. And what that's going to do, especially if you are, if you are writing articles, if you're producing articles, often on our site, you're gonna see traffic to that site. So you got to reel in your customers, you got to reel in, you know, prospects, or what have you. So make sure you have a website and make sure you have a blog, within the website, you have to be happy in tune with social media. I know some of you may not want to wear maybe you dabble into, into some things, and this and another, but that's what people are hanging on it. I mean, what I really don't have much more to tell, you just need to find out which platform you should be on.

There's so many groups like there's so many Facebook groups, you have groups on LinkedIn, you have just big wide audiences on Instagram, you have a huge, huge the second largest search engine in YouTube. So they are there, are you willing to create content on those platforms to find those people. So, you know, once you once you know your audience, you should be able to create the proper profile pages and social media accounts for your business, whether it's on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of those platforms, make sure you embrace email marketing, email marketing, marketing is is a huge component of internet marketing businesses are internet marketing, any internet marketing business?

So think of it this way? What if, let's say, you know, social media all that's fine. And you got a big following on YouTube, a big following on Facebook, all of that stuff disappear tomorrow? How will your customers know your online business? You know, if you build build an online presence, where the online business or whether your brick and mortar business, email marketing is going to be important, if those things disappeared? How will your customers know how they have updates about you? Just how will they know you don't own those platforms with that list, and that data in that list, and that email list, you own that. So make sure you embrace email marketing, I can't say it enough. Another thing is you must embrace and analyze your data.

So if you have a website, you have to make sure you have things such as Google Analytics, social media, they have analytics, also you can you can look into your Instagram or your Facebook analytics, also unnecessary for YouTube and things of that nature. So certain metrics are going to be essential. And within that, you're going to look for things such as, you know, click through rate, what's your ROI, your page views, you know, your web traffic sources and things of that nature.

The More info you know, the better you can go about being a success in your business. So make sure that you analyze and monitor your data. It's very important. Another thing that you're probably not going to hear this and in a lot of different areas, but and a lot of people don't talk about this much but make sure you watch your reputation. online reputation management is huge.

So that's why I always tell people to focus on helping people if you can help and help and help and help you can get what you want later on in terms of, you know, money I know we're all in this to you know, eventually make money and things of that nature, but you have to pay attention to your reputation, you know, in terms of, you know, bad reviews and and, you know people go on in your, in your in your comments and you know, they might be pissed about something. But you know you have to. So I'm a big proponent also of talking to people, whether this happened on a zoom call with somebody, or there's just having a private conversation in your, in your DMS or what have you. But reputation management is so important. So make sure that's top of mind.

Also, the last thing I'm going to talk about is, make sure you create a consistent brand message. So and I've spoken spoken about that in previous episodes, your brand message is is very powerful in your sales and marketing process. So it can draw customers, and you know, make them loyal and kind of shot them away from you. Also, if you're not doing it properly, your brand message is reflected in several ways. From, you know, the user interface of your website, your responses, and even, you know, customer care, your customer care experience, or your just your entire user experience on your site.

So, and I spoke about not only your brand message, but you know, make sure things are consistent in terms of like the colors on your website, make sure they're the same on your social media platforms as much as you can, you know, implement that. Also, I've heard that your brand message is not just about what you communicate to your audience, but what your audience and consumers know and experience about you. So keep that in mind also. And I believe that's how you can that's how you can do and make do of online marketing, the proper way online with those few tidbits that gave you a it should should carry you a long way.

Make sure that you check out the show notes at Digital Marketing creators.com forward slash episode number 12. And of course keep the discussion going. Our private Facebook group at Digital Marketing creators.com forward slash group always add to the discussion I'm always willing to learn and all those different things. So always say I don't know everything I love to learn, as well. So I welcome you all to join me there. Digital Marketing creators.com forward slash group. Hope this episode helped you guys in the next episode, I'm going to talk about some different actually what I think is the top digital marketing trends and strategies. So make sure you join us in Episode 13. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast as well wherever you're listening to this. Hey, we'll see you the next episode. Thanks. Enjoy. Enjoy, enjoy. Thank you.

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