Best Blogging Niches To Make Money [Episode 14]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 14

We discuss the Best Niches To Make Money in Episode 14 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast. There are multiple ways to make money through blogging in areas such as course sales, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, etc. But we take a deeper dive into this area and give you a different perspective on how you can monetize your blog. How can you be successful going into a niche? Take a Listen And Learn! Have you listened to Episode 13, shared and/or reviewed on Apple Podcasts, yet?

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In this episode of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we are going to discuss the best blogging niches to make money in. So stay tuned.

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Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

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The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new. But just like a lot of new bloggers, you get stuck in a lot of different places, because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the five day blogging, mini retreat is what we call it, and you can get that at, anywhere on the website, niche blogging,, sign up for a Five Day Blogging Miini Retreat, it's a free mini course a Free Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat, check it out it

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As you know, there's so many different niches that you can make money and blogging, there's so many, and I don't want to sound like a broken record in saying that it's the actual truth. Kind of the breakdown of how money will be made, is really you can kind of look at it, look at it from this perspective. on blogs, you have ads, you have affiliate, sponsored posts, coaching, consulting, other services, you have online courses, also, that's going to be the most of where your income is going to come in from when you're blogging.

So really those right there ads, affiliates, sponsored posts, coaching and consulting other services, and online courses, so kind of remember that. So that's the breakdown of it. But we're gonna go through you know, in all other episodes, we talk about different niches, I guess we talk wide, so we talk more about wider area. So we're gonna kind of drift a little bit in to the sub niches of wider areas.

And I'll give you the first one or two that's on my mind here on my radar is technology and gaming. So I'm gonna kind of throw those in into the same bucket, we'll do that. In this one, you'll see a lot of the different Amazon affiliate links for especially technology when you're talking about different things such as gadgets and electronic devices and computers, laptops, all those different things. As a, you know, the Amazon has a has an affiliate program, and a lot of people that make tech content, they use Amazon and they use other ones.

Also other affiliate affiliate companies or what have you, but those are pretty much the sub sub niches right there nurse there are several more within tech also you have data science, tech support, even if you want to throw in here with blogging, you know, I talk about blogging and WordPress, HTML coding, all of those also. So those are kind of the sub niches of technology.

Also in gaming, the gaming sub niches, you know, you have video game strategies, you know, gaming tips, you know, walkthroughs video game tutorials, you know, game reviews, and you can actually, you know, go into deeper than that video game news, um, you know, fortnight if you want to talk about, you know, the actual games, themselves and all the other gaming games. So has a lot you can go into, in talking about technology are in gaming itself, you always can make money in education. So teaching people, different things, different concepts, people will pay you to learn.

So that's, that's not a surprise to, you know, the most of you that's listening to this episode. You know, study hacks, you know, you can always find different niches if you, you know, if you're a great test taker, people still going to college. They want to know information. You know, a lot of these kids, a lot of their parents also want to know information on how to take the SAT and the ACT. And, you know, those type of college entrance exams, then to the flip side of that you have, you know, elearning courses, or elearning apps that you can become an expert and also if you know if that's your deal, if you have have an online course, and you use one of these like Teachable and Udemy.

In, you know, any of those platforms, so if you're great at that, you know, you can make a pretty penny, teaching those as well. So the educational niches always Hi, how about this one, the making money niche, if you want to kind of look at that as its own niche, and it really is, and you can kind of you can almost take any, anything from any of the broader blogging niches and, and, you know, how do you make money as a, in the fashion industry, how do you make, you know, you can kind of, you can kind of break that down.

But, you know, people always want, they always want to make more money. So, you know, there's so many different sub niches you can go into with that, but actually wasn't gonna say that one, I was actually gonna say, personal finance, you know, with personal finance, there's so much, so many different ways that you can make money.

Like I said, if you practice these things, if you if you're an expert on them, or if you want to write about them, and things such as that nature of minimalism, you know, you have people that maybe just live off of, they just want 10 outfits, in a studio, apartment, one pair of shoes, you know, things of that nature, and they're good at it, they're good at it, and they can speak about it, because they live that life.

You know, frugal, frugal living, also home financial independence, almost anything in personal finance, you know, you can make money, if you are starting, you know, if you start a blog, and you're serious about it, and you're writing all these different articles pertaining to it, and you know, you've done your research and maybe follow, you know, a certain personal finance blog and, you know, get, get as much information from it as you can and kind of reinvent, reinvent the wheel. In that particular niche in terms of your perspective, but not actually reinventing the wheel, you know, talking about something new now, you can talk about something new, in personal finance, if there's something that nobody else is covering, and, you know, that's what you want to do. So that's, uh, that's cool. Also, you can make money doing that.

Also, here's a real big, big, big, big market, fitness, market, fitness, fitness, fitness, you know, we all want to get in shape, or stay in some type of shape. And there's so many areas in this you talk about sub niches, sub niches, how about this yoga, personal training, swimming, walking, weight loss, weight training, bodybuilding, jogging, martial arts, Cross Fit running this, you know, it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on. And pick one, write about it, see where it goes.

Don't just just don't write about it, see where it goes, you know, you want to have a plan, you know, fine, you know, I've talked about this before, you can find three to five different topics, or if you want to stay small, find three main topics within a niche, three main, let's say, CrossFit, you want to find three main topics that people are, I guess, that they're talking about, within CrossFit, and write 10 articles on each. So that's 30 articles. So start off that way.

I mean, of course, with that, you want to make sure that, you know, you sign up for some affiliate programs. Maybe it's something a digital digital program, a digital product that you can sell with CrossFit. Also, data like you can get sponsored posts and so many other things. So it's kind of a cool way of looking at it, but the fitness market is died gigantic also within the fitness market, you know, just the health market, you know, there's a lot of money to be made with that.

Also, you have a lot of people that's into the herb, the herbal business, um, meditation, hair loss, skincare, heartburn, back and neck pain, so goes on and on and on and on. And that and kind of the same philosophy, find three areas that interest your audience, and start writing about it. So 30 articles to start, then after 30 articles just write an article every week, or maybe you can write a big article every two weeks, so on and on and on and on.

So there are so many more we can we can go into so many wider when so many sub niches, you know, like lifestyle, religion, life hacks, people love their pets, survival, prepping all of that stuff. So, so many ways you can go within lifestyle, you know, everybody don't, don't live the same lifestyle. Even. I guess the more different you are, the better. So there's always someone or some information out there, or people out there it is doing what you're interested in, you just have to find, and you can find them through blogging, find them on social media, find them doing, you know, YouTube videos, or how, however you like in terms of that, so, but they're out there, they're waiting on you, they want to hear from you. So remember that.

So those are some of the best blogging niches to make money. You know, I can actually, I can actually take this episode, I guess we've been on here for about, we're running on about 12 minutes, 11-12 minutes or whatnot. So I can actually make this a 45 minute podcast, but I want to kind of condense it and, um, and I'll leave some holly some articles

Also in the show notes, at And to kind of give you guys an area and a lot, a lot of these articles are talking about some of the same things, but a lot of them go more in depth in terms of sub niches and stuff and that's pretty much where you want to stay. So you don't want to just write Hey, I have a I have a lifestyle blog, you know, what are you talking about, oh, just my life, you know, you want to, you want to niche it down, you want to talk about some such as gardening and things of that nature, home decor, if that's your thing, also.

So just niche niche, niche niche, bring it down, bring the temperature down. So however you want to say it, but make sure you you can keep the discussion going in our private Facebook group at So we'll see you in there and we'll see you also in the next episode. So make sure you Subscribe. Thanks.

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