How To Find Low Competition Niches For Blogging In 2022 [Episode 17]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 17

We explore How To Find Low Competition Niches For Blogging In 2022 in Episode 17 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast.  It’s really easy to find low-competition niches for blogging with many free resources such as Google Trends, Keyword Planner, YouTube, and even Amazon Reviews.  If you have the budget for more advanced tools such as Ahrefs and SEM Rush, then go for it but in this episode, we discuss the free tools for the most part.  Take a Listen and keep the discussion going in our Private Facebook Group or in the review section of Apple Podcasts.  While you’re at it, Take A Listen to Episode 16 and tell us what you think!

Resources Mentioned In Episode 17

Google Trends

Keyword Planner

Exploding Topics

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In this episode number 17 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we'regoing to talk about how to find low competition niches for blogging in 2022. So stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new. But just like a lot of new bloggers, you get stuck in a lot of different places, because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the five day blogging, mini retreat is what we call it, and you can get that at niche blogging, anywhere on the website, niche blogging,, sign up for a five day blogging, mini retreat, it's a free mini course a free five day blogging, mini retreat, check it out at niche blogging,

It's not hard at all to find low competition niches, if you've listened to some of the previous episodes, I'm always going to talk about these, these two things that'll that'll help you out. And that's because they are free tools. And I'm not saying don't use any paid tools, because I believe most of the people that are listening to this are beginner.

So I'm going to talk about a lot of lore, not lower level things, but lower in terms of price and things of that nature, on this podcast, so I'm always going to talk about two things. And that's the website exploding Well, more than two things. I'm always going to talk about Google Trends, and also Google Keyword Planner.

And I want to talk about those, like I say because you know a lot of them are free, even Exploding Topics, they have a they have a pro version, also. So I'm just saying just on the outset, if you're if you're just kind of looking at things when I bought exploring topics, it is a paid service for the for the most part, but it has a free element to it, also, but in order to find low competitions, like I said, there's other ones also SEM Rush, SEM Rush, I'm sorry.

And Ahrefs. I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it right. But there's a lot of tools, a lot of different tools out there, I'll try to leave those in the show notes, as well. But to find low competition, this is what whatever that you are, first of all, if it's something that you know, automatically, that you're gonna start a niche blog, and you want to do your research, you want to do your keyword research. And one of the Mainstays is this Google Keyword Planner.

And because you can put, I have it on here right now I wish I can I know I'm doing doing this is the audio version, the podcast, so I'm gonna type in make money online. I'm on a website right now, the thing that I like about Google Keyword Planner, is that it gives you the average monthly searches, it gives you key extra keywords gives you the average monthly searches, and it gives you the competition so you can actually go up and like when you type that in and make money online, it's a high competitive area.

But within that, you can if you click on the arrow, whatnot, near the competition, the word competition in there, it'll go to high medium, and then low you can find your low competitive words to see if there's anything in there that you could possibly write about. Maybe it's making money online if you want to start with some high competition and you want to start off writing low competition articles you know, you can do that also you know there's a you know, you can kind of build a strategy around that but this Google Keyword Planner is going to help you out so much even if if you if you're on Exploding Topics.

And you are you know, there is a thing on here where it says you know right on the homepage discover exploding topics we surface rapidly growing topics before they take off if you scroll down you can see that but first of all right here before you scroll down you know it's telling you you know for the past five years what what's Exploding Topic and you can break it all the way down from five years to two years to one year.

You can look at topics that's been hot. And what I mean by hot I mean by highly searched are just search topics didn't have to be highly, highly, highly searched but search topics you Break it down to six month range is going to give you what's been hot in the six month range, the three month range the one month range, also. So that's a big helper, also in determining in determining, you know, as far as starting your niche, and then once you find out something you're interested in from exploding topics, you go to the keyword planner, do your research.

There's other places you can go to always talk about YouTube, the auto search, the auto suggestion search, where you can type into words and see what other words come up, you can do that in Google Search. Also, one of my other things that I love to use, I love to use Amazon, like Amazon reviews, like from books. So once I find out what I want to write about, and get as much information as I can from Amazon is a resource that I want to use, I'm gonna see, is there a book about it? If there's a particular book about, hey, great.

So this just because there's a book about it, or there's content about something, don't run away from it, because it still might be low competition, once you do your initial research on once you come back and do your initial research on Google Keyword Planner, you can find low competition words or what have you, or low competition phrases, and, you know, hence, niches keep that in mind.

And I'm sure there's other ways to finding low competition niches, I'm just, I'm just trying to keep everything as basic as possible and trying to keep it you know, as as easy as possible. Also, and I know, there's other ways to doing things, I'm not saying, you know, the way that I that I've said on you know, different episodes or the way I teach things, you know, is the be all end all of the blogging niche, or, you know, this particular space or what have you.

So, there's other ways of doing things but, and that's why I always say to you guys, at the entities podcast, hey, let's keep the discussion going. And our private Facebook group, feel free to come to niche blogging forward slash group, that's our private Facebook group. We love to keep the discussions going. Also, and the show notes for this podcast will be in but we had So make sure you check that out. Hey, we'll see you in the next episode. And thank you and be safe.

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