How To Start A Blog And Choosing A Branded Name [Episode 2]

This is the 1st of five episodes of the How To Start A Blog series (Episode 2 to be exact).  Today we are discussing the importance of choosing a Branded Name for your blog.   It isn’t just the name that should be of concern but it’s important along with the other things mentioned in this episode.  Here’s a hint: Your blog and your social media channels should work together!  Take a listen and leave a comment in our private Facebook group below.  Go here if you missed Episode 1.

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Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host...Andre Vaughn.

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Over the next five episodes, we're going to discuss how to start a blog. We're going to talk about different aspects of how you can accomplish getting your blog started. In this episode, we're going to start at the beginning. And we're going to tell you to do this one thing, or you can say two things, or three things, whatever. But really the main thing, you have to pick a niche for your blog and it starts out by choosing a branded name.

Okay, and you're hit for some, your head is probably spinning a little bit, and it shouldn't be, it's simple. You're gonna know what blog niche, let's say, I'm gonna use it from a perspective, let's say you are a business, let's say you are in the hair salon business, you are in the hair salon business, and you need a blog for maybe all the different hairstyles that you do. Or maybe you are selling some sort of products in that space, or maybe you're selling some sort of a service in that space, as well. So what you want to do is you want to name let's say, if your name is Amy. Amy's hair salon, or what have you.

So in the world of blogging, you want to make sure you pick something that's similar to the name of your business. So if the business name is Amy's hair salon, or Amy hairstylist, you want to get a branded name for that. So you want to when I say branded name, I mean your blog, title, and

In the previous episode, I talked about 2005 and 2006, blogging and black hat, and white hat and all those different things. Some might say, well, your, your blog, it doesn't The name doesn't have to be the same, the name of the business doesn't have to be the same of, which is the you know, the I would say no, it doesn't. But you want to help out Google, you want to help out the search engines as much as possible when you are starting a blog.

So like I said, if the name of your business is AMI hair salon, you want to make sure you have that same title, as well as the .com or (the domain name). Make sure you purchase or what have you.

Also, let's say let's say that blog that you are starting for your hair salon, let's say that the colors are I don't know a white background and a white background with let's say, the colors are blue and red or red, white and blue or however you want to say it.You want to make sure that website is that color. You also want to make sure the social channels that you use a safe view. If you rely heavily on Facebook, make sure that you have a banner Facebook banner that has those branded colors also. So make sure you have your your website or your blog. Make sure those colors are the same as your social channels. That is very important.

It sounds small but it's really important because people are going to think of you in terms of those colors as crazy as that sounds, but there's a lot of truth to that. You know you're going to be recognized by yes colors. So whatever the color of that brand and you know when those visitors get to your blog, you know, you want to make them feel comfortable.

And when it gets to those social accounts. You want to make them feel comfortable as well not only with the great content that you're providing, but you want to make sure that the user experience is a plus, also. And that's a big thing that we don't talk about that we should talk about a lot. I will talk about that's UX the user experience.

But make sure you choose a branded name in terms of the niche for your blog. Or make sure you pick a niche for your blog first. And make sure you choose a branded name, make sure that name coincides with whatever niche or whatever business that you have, I guess that's basically what I'm trying to say. Also, make sure that the colors coincide is well make sure those you have the same colors on your website, as you do with your social channels.

If you guys can add anything to that, make sure that you do so. In our Facebook group. We have a private Facebook group, and that's at And we put out weekly videos on our YouTube channel also. So make sure you check that out at So in the next podcast episode, we're going to continue our How to Start a blog series. We're gonna go with step two, we're gonna talk about the domain name and the hosting. So we will see you are you will hear us I keep saying that in the next episode, we'll see you over there.

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