Why I Use WordPress For My Blog [Episode 22]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 22

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) and I explain Why I Use WordPress For My Blog in Episode 22.  We discuss the ease of using almost any hosting platform to install WordPress.org on the servers of companies like Bluehost, Siteground, Hostgator, and many more.  There are a few tips that are shared in this episode that all Bloggers should pay attention to about WordPress in particular its interface while you are preparing a blog post.

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In Episode 22 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we're going to talk about why I use WordPress for my blog. So stay tuned.

Welcome to the niche blogging tips podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog.And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new. But just like a lot of new bloggers, you get stuck in a lot of different places, because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the 5 Day Blogging Mini Retreat is what we call it, and you can get that at nichebloggingtips.com anywhere on the website, nichebloggingtips.com. Sign up for 5 Day Blogging Mini Retreat, a free mini course, a free five day blogging mini retreat, check it out at niche blogging, tips.com.

I use WordPress, for my blog, because it's an easy to use content management system Gone are the days of coding to use, or to build a blog, it is so easy to build a WordPress blog, I actually taught myself how to use it. So you know things such as such as the you know, the different themes that are out WordPress, even though you know whether there's a free free theme pay theme, it none of that matters.

It's easy to install, it's easy to install WordPress, on any hosting whether or not you're using SiteGround, or Hostgator, or Bluehost, or any of these hosting companies, they usually have a feature within their hosting platform of WordPress, installing WordPress, installing them on their servers. So it's very easy to use, it really is, you know, as easy to buy a domain name from any one of these, any one of these companies and convert it to your hosting, which is a couple of clicks, basically a couple of clicks, clicks away. So it's real easy to come up with a domain, you know, the name of your site.

And to install WordPress, the WordPress platform, you know, I'm the hosting service. So it's, it's, um, it's the ease the ease of using it. That's why I believe it attracts. So many developers that attract so many bloggers, is the ease, it's very easy to use. Even when you're using things such as you know, things such as the plugins, it's easy to use the entire dashboard. It's easy to use, it's easy to post, you know, content, it's easy to find and upload media, finding upload images, you know, it's easy to make pages is easy to manage your comments. It's just easy, it's easy to just customizing it, you know, the entire appearance of the of the blog. It's really easy to use.

Also the menus and all that stuff needed to build the site, the entire ecosystem of WordPress, you know, from the, you know, developers making the plugins and all that stuff. It's just easy. Me personally, let me let me put this out there. Like I said, it was self taught for me. I don't know how to use anything else. It's not that I don't know how basically I don't. I've never used anything else other than WordPress. And most, most websites that's on on the internet are built on the WordPress platform, believe it or not, I've never used anything else.

And I'm sure there's probably other platforms that that are great. I only talk about things that I use, for the most part. And in this case, Wordpress, it's going to be easy for almost any beginner to build their site. Once you build the site up, it's easy to post. It's easy to upload images and write content. Now I always say don't write. Never write content inside the WordPress platform because if you lose your information or whatnot, if you accidentally delete that post then you're, then you're S-O-L "blank out of luck."

Do that you want to do that in some like Google Docs or maybe, I don't know WordPad or some whatever anything but inside the WordPress platform because like I said, if you lose it you're you're screwed. I don't Know how to use anything else. I've never used anything else. That's pretty much the reason why I use and why I always talk about WordPress for blogging. Easy, easy, easy, easy, quick episode but make sure that you hey, if you guys make are you guys using anything else? Are you using anything other than WordPress they let us know? You know is it easy? Is it Sol Sol? Does it have kinks in it? You know is it easy for you?

Let us know in the private Facebook group at niche blogging tips.com forward slash group and keep the discussion going over there. Are you guys using anything other than WordPress for your blog? Why and why not let us know. It's blogging tips.com forward slash group. Definitely thanks for listening and thanks for checking out this quick episode. This was just something that was on my mind you know, why do I use were present out? I was asked this question in form that I'm in also why do I use WordPress so I thought it'd be great to make an episode on reason why I use WordPress, but I thanks. And hey, we'll see you in the next episode. Enjoy.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

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