Why Making Money Blogging Shouldn’t Be Your Sole Focus [Episode 23]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 23

Blogging for money is great and that’s the result that most of us expect to get at some point in our journey but we explained in Episode 23 Why Making Money Blogging Shouldn’t Be Your Sole Focus.  It’s human nature to let money get in the way of our thinking and efforts but if you are solely blogging for money then it could be an issue for you.  If you have a bunch of Niche Blogs and the goal is strictly to get money then so be it as long that you know what you are doing (I guess).  But are you truly being authentic and helpful to your audience?  Check out this episode and tell us what you think!

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In this episode of the niche blogging tips podcast, we're gonna talk about why making money blogging shouldn't be your sole focus so stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new. But just like a lot of new bloggers, you get stuck in a lot of different places, because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the five day blogging, mini retreat is what we call it, and you can get that at niche blogging. tips.com anywhere on the website, niche blogging, tips.com, sign up for a five day blogging, mini retreat, it's a free mini course a free five day blogging, mini retreat, check it out at niche blogging. tips.com.

Of course, when you started your blog, before you started your blog, you thought about how can I make money with my blog, we all want to make money with our blog, some kind of way we want. I mean, that's just, that's what we're all in it for. There's no running around it. monetizing your blog is what we want to do. There's like I said, there's no, there's no denying that. Even though that's the case, it shouldn't be your sole focus. It should not be your sole focus, I can say that 300,000 times it shouldn't be your sole focus.

And the reason I say that is because a lot of times, I guess it's human nature or some for, for us to let money get in the way of I guess our successes sort of speak. And you don't want that when you when your blog, and you don't want that before you're putting all this stuff together a blog, because there's a lot of things that can happen that you're not gonna like, Okay, I have a list of things that I kind of that I kind of wish for bloggers or beginning bloggers, really all bloggers to actually do that will help them on the road to having a successful blog.

If you want to equate success to money, that's fine, too, in this episode, be authentic. What I mean by being authentic is not only be authentic in your content, but be authentic, in terms of what you're trying to do upfront with your blog, the more you're authentic, not only with yourself, that'll kind of come out with your audience, if you're trying to grow your blog, or what have you.

Be authentic, be a good person, I say that all the time, just be a good person. And I'm not saying that, like I'm the greatest person in the world or anything like that. But you know, I try to be, I try to be, just try to be a good person, whatever, you know, whatever that means, you know, I guess that have has different meanings to everybody being authentic. And being a good person, they can parallel, believe it or not, be authentic, be a good person, be helpful.

Whoever that you're writing for the audience that you're writing for, be helpful. go above and beyond in your content. go above and beyond answering questions replying back to people go above and beyond, if you go above, above and beyond and in helping people it will show your readers will will see that. And they will they'll be more inclined to do things such as, share sharing the blog, letting your friends know about the blog, be helpful go above and beyond.

Another thing that that I have written down is I'm trying to read my own writing, I don't have the best handwriting, produce content and trust the process. Be consistent. When you're putting out content, that consistency can be whatever you want it to be. But that consistency is you're not being consistent if you're writing four articles out of out of an entire year.

Now if your blog is already established, hey, do you. If you're trying to grow your blog, you're gonna have to at least put out an article every week. Or maybe if you don't have the time every two weeks if they if that works for you, if that works for your audience, but at least every week, you have to put out an article every week. As I say that I'm talking to myself also, because I've been known not to not to put one out exactly every week. You know, I'm really really trying hard Do that. And what I mean by trust the process, it's going to take you a while if you're if you're, if you're doing this for Google traffic, search engine traffic for SEO, it's going to take a while. So trust the process. And that while might be seven months that while might be a year for some, but if you are putting out consistent content, that traffic will come to you, and it will come in droves. It will be plentiful, be consistent in your content, trust the process, just trust the process, it will happen to be consistent.

The other thing is, don't quit. You shouldn't be worried about making money blogging is shit, you shouldn't worry about it shouldn't be your sole focus. Because the minute the very minute, that some doesn't work out for you, you are going to abandon that blog, you are going to quit, you're going to stop writing, you are going to quit. And I'm saying that from experience. Don't focus, just try not to focus on money at all. When you're doing any of these, I don't care if it's a regular niche blog, or if it's a personal brand blog, I don't care what kind of blog it is, make sure you do not quit, you're not starting to quit, why start to quit, took me a while, it took me a long time to understand that. I'm not going to abandon this blog that I have, or these blocks that I have, I'm not going to abandon any of them anymore. I just can't I cannot do it.

And here's the other thing. Here's the last thing, have a plan for your upgrade. You say Man, what do you mean by that? Here's what I mean by that. When your blog starts to make money, you should already before any of that happens, you should have a plan to upgrade, you should if you are the sole writer for that blog, you should have a plan already in place to hire a va, a virtual assistant or hire someone that writes content. A writer, whether it's a virtual assistant, or whether it's just you know, somebody that delivers awesome content for your blog, you want to do that, because you want you want to give away things you want to do things rather, that you're not either good at, or things that will free up some of your time.

What's the purpose of the blog, if you're not doing so, now maybe warn them people that, hey, I rather do my own writing, and so on and so forth, that's fine, too. But a writer is going to free up some of your time upgrading that. And that's just one aspect of it. You know, maybe on your social channels, as well, maybe producing content for your social channels, you want to give that to a virtual assistant, or some sort of, you know, social media manager or what have you. You want to do that, also, but you want to do things and start thinking in terms of freeing up your time, all of this making money blog and stuff. It's cool. This is what we're here for, you know, we're we are wanting to present here for it.

Don't let that be your sole focus and ruin you and you get discouraged and you want to quit and all of this stuff. So just try not let that be your sole focus have these plans, these other contingency plans in place to level your blog up. So therefore it frees up your time maybe you want to start another blog and so forth. And you can do that it just it just gives you the ability to do the things that you want to do not just with your blog, but in your life.

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And in the next episode, we are going to talk about five secrets you didn't know about blogging. You want to listen to that episode. That's next. Thank you. We'll see you in that episode. Oh enjoy everyone

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