The Worst Blogging Mistakes That Bloggers Make [Episode 25]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 25

Some of the worst blogging mistakes that an inexperienced blogger can make are highlighted here in Episode 25 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast.  Not planning portions of your blog journey can be detrimental and can make it very difficult to get traffic if you are depending on things such as search engine optimization or SEO.  Though blogging has changed a lot within the past 10 years, it’s important to understand how you should start writing content to get targeted traffic for your growing blog.  Check out this episode and tell us what you think!

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In Episode 25 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we are talking about the worst blogging mistakes that experienced bloggers can make. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

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Obviously, this episode can be a rather long one, but I'm going to try to make it as quick as possible. The first blogging mistake that I see a lot is bloggers not doing proper keyword research. When you're not doing proper keyword research that kind of lets me know that your strategy is all screwed up, or you probably don't have a strategy of blog strategy to put the proper content that your target audience is looking for kind of lets me know that you don't have a target audience as well, if you're not properly doing keyword research, and there's a lot of tools out there.

And we've spoken about them in previous episodes, there's a bunch of paid tools as bunch of free tools. Google has its own free to in the keyword planner, and you have paid tools such as a traps, SEM, rush, and so on, and so forth. So make sure you are doing the proper key word research. Another blogging mistake that we see a lot is blogging without a niche, people are just starting blogs and just writing them, I guess, thinking that the target audience that they have in their head is immediately going to see or is automatically gonna see what they've written. And that's not the case. So you have to be strategic as possible.

When it comes to blogging, make sure that you have a niche. And even if you're struggling in finding a niche, always you can always go to what you are experienced. And you know, do you have, maybe you maybe you were a plumber, and you want to help plumbers, you know with different things, or maybe you are a teacher, you can help teachers and so on and so forth. So that's an easy way to find in your blog niche. So make sure you have a blog niche.

The third is ignoring SEO ignore in search engine optimization, if you are putting out content and ignoring the search engines, you're not going to get traffic from, you have to almost do just about everything Google says do in terms of best practices.

That's things such as on page SEO, you know what your key words, h1 tags, h2 tags, your off page, SEO, you know, things such as backlinks, maybe some guest blogging. So you want to make sure that you're you know, with those links, that your links are on different websites, going back to the other, which I was talking about the on page SEO, internal linking, as well. So you want to link some of your older content, technical SEO with robots. txt file sitemaps. There's a lot of structure, things that go along with technical SEO. So you can't ignore SEO, if you want traffic from Google, you almost have to do everything that Google wants you to do in order to get that traffic.

Actually, the fourth one I just really spoke about, and that's internal linking. So that's important. So we'll go on to the fifth one that I got down here, which is choosing the wrong blog topics. You have to stay on course, kind of stay on brand, so to speak. Let's say if you are a TV repair person, or you repair computers, say you repair laptops, be specific about it. Write about those different things. So if you're writing about your main topic, write a bunch of recommended articles around your main topic. And that's what I try to do I try to write if I'm focused, I'm usually focused on on one thing, which is going to be one big article.

But before I even write that big article, I'm going to write maybe about 10 supporting articles before I write that big, gigantic article And then the plan for me is to come back in that particular in that particular category and write, I guess 10 more articles, make sure that you are choosing the proper blog topics. Alright, this next one, this next one is a is a huge one. And I've spoken about this so much. And I'll probably, I'll probably speak about this, I'm sure I will speak about this again several times, because this is one that has plagued me forever.

And this is blogging inconsistently. So I always talk about having a plan, having a plan having, you know, certain days that you're, you know, if you're actually writing the content yourself, or having certain days to write on, you know, going through with that being consistent, putting a blog post out every week, you know, if you only have time to put a blog post out every two weeks, make sure you're doing every two weeks, but I wouldn't go past that. Put out consistent content.

Now, if you're in a situation where you are an experienced blogger, then hey, maybe you can write one article a month, you know, maybe you're in a position where you can write one article every, I don't know, six weeks or so. I would write one every week, if not every two weeks, at the bare minimum every two weeks. But if you're a newer blogger, like I said, every week, I will I will put one out, it is so important to stay consistent. Because all of this ties into the search engines, it all ties in to that SEO traffic that we previously talked about.

Alright, the next one is publishing too many short content blog posts, these are blog posts, where they're only like 567 100 words, an article. Now, all of your blog posts don't have to be three, four and 5000 word articles. Depending on what you're writing about, you may need to write all of your supporting articles. If I have 10 articles for mine, I'm trying to write maybe, maybe one that's like a 700 word article, a couple that's 1000, maybe three, that's 1500. And then a couple that's two and 3000. And obviously my bigger one, and this is just for the content that I write, maybe for that big one, I want it to be 5000 word article. Keep that in mind, you can't just have all five and 600 word articles that that's not for most niches, that's not going to cut it.

Alright, the next one I have is using free platforms. That's a mistake. Using not free platforms as a whole free blogging platforms. If you're using something other than a self hosted work, a self hosted website like, the one that you have to buy hosting for and a domain name for, I personally wouldn't use it. And those PLap those platforms are like Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn, if you're just primarily using LinkedIn to blog, I wouldn't do that I wouldn't do that. It's always great to get a self hosting self hosted site, where you can install WordPress, on the hosting server, and install WordPress, you know, with the hosts and servers and domain name, obviously hosting and domain if you're not using a self hosted blogging platform, I can't say you're wasting your time. But I would highly recommend you to use a self hosted blogging platform like WordPress, and the WordPress I'm talking about is So no free blogging platforms if our you.

Alright, the last mistake that I see all the time is not promoting blog content, how to promote your blog content, you probably need to spend more time promoting your blog content and actually making content, it gets easier when you're promoting that content and you have some type of team or you have somebody that that's doing it, obviously, for you, but you can do it yourself. You know, you can send out emails to bloggers in your space. You can DM people on social media platforms, you know, people that send your space if they respond back to help you promote your content. You know, maybe you guys can basically it's about building relationships. So if you build a good rapport with bloggers in your space, not competition, you're just helping out each other and you helping each other's content. get to a point to where you know it will be noticed by your particular target audience. And I just kind of mumbled in for bumbled through a lot of that. But I'm sure most of you understand what I'm saying. So promote your blog content, not promoting your blog content is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

Keep the discussion going in our private Facebook group and niche blogging forward slash group, check out the show notes for this episode at niche blogging forward slash episode 25. That's niche blogging forward slash episode 25. And don't forget our YouTube channel at niche blogging forward slash you, too. And the next episode, I'm gonna give you some resources to monetize your blog using the resources that I use myself and some of the other resources that I know that's helpful for you guys. So make sure you stay tuned to that. Thank you. And we'll see in the next one.

The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new but just like a lot of new bloggers you get stuck in a lot of different places because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat is what we call it and you can get that at anywhere on the website, Sign up for a Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat. It's a Free Mini Course a Free Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat, check it out at

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