7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Blogger [Episode 32]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 32
In this episode of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we are sharing the 7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Blogger in Episode 32. If you’re serious about becoming a successful blogger, there are certain habits you need to know and understand.
These habits will help you to stand out from the rest and make your blog more successful. You can’t be everything to everyone, so it’s important to focus on a specific topic. You’ll learn a lot and it will definitely help you if you’re looking to improve your blog.
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In episode 32 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we're going to talk about seven habits of a successful blogger. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

We put together a resource page for a lot of the things that we don't talk about in our episodes, make sure you check that out. It has things such as ebooks, audio books, which are for sale. Also, it has things with different affiliate links, that helps us pay the bills. So make sure you check this out. It's at nichebloggingtips.com/resources, that's nichebloggingtips.com/resources, one of the things.

I've gotten into not just in terms of blogging, but just kind of how I live my life period, or habits, one of my big habits is working out, and I'm not a big guy or anything like that, but I'm just committed to my health, I just kind of develop habits. And so I've been doing that particular thing for at least like three years straight. So I don't like being thrown off by anything. And I kind of think about that, when it comes to the blogging space also. And that's what the first habit I'm going to talk about is consistency. I think consistency should be a staple, in not just your life, but of course, your blogging journey, I think, um, in your content, you should commit to writing posts and putting out content. And just being consistent about it. If it's something that you're serious about, that you're serious about, obviously, you know, if you're starting a blog, you want to be serious about it. So you want to make sure you put out content. So you want to make sure you say hey, I want to i not i want to I have to, I have to put out content, I have to put out a blog post, I have to put out these meetings a week out put out this many a month, I have to I have to I have to. And you should do it so much that when you don't do it, you feel some type of way about it. When you don't do it, you should feel bothered by it. Not say you should be angry or anything like that. But you just should be bothered by because you're not being true to yourself, you're not being true.

Number one, especially to those readers that expect your content, they expect you to come out there and write and give them content, write, you know, things to, you know, solve their problems or whatnot consistency, it should be a habit, like I said, not just in blogging, but you should make that a part of your life being consistent showing up. That's what I think about when I think about consistency showing up and showing up all the time showing up to do the things you said you were going to do. Kind of make that a part of what you do in your blogging journey consistency.

Number two I have is setting goals. Obviously, when you are if you're at the beginning stage, or wherever you are in your blogging journey, you have to set goals. You have to set goals and I can repeat that 1000 times but you're not going anywhere unless you know what you're trying to reach and how you're trying to reach it. And when I think about with that, always think about the always think about the S-M-A-R-T acronymn. marking an acronym. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and time always think about those when I talk about goals, what what goals am I setting? What goes not only do I have for my readers, but what goals do I have, you know, for myself in terms of, of the blog, without them, you don't know where you're going. And you know, when you're setting the goals, make sure you include different requirements to turn that goal into a SMART goal. So specific, be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and understand your time.

The number three habit of a successful blogger is stick to your schedules. That's all in from the previous things that I talked about the goals and the consistency. Stick to your schedules. If you're writing a post or post show, come out on a Friday. Stick to it. Now thanks happen, life happens, I understand that. Say if you if you have to skip a week, or maybe you're going on vacation or whatever the reason is, make sure it comes out on the next Friday. It's important, you know, I understand people are going to skip weeks and things like that. I wouldn't recommend it, if you're a beginner, but if you have to, you have to do what you have to do. But make sure you stick to your schedule, even if it's a if it's a thing, maybe, I guess, maybe sharing it out to a Facebook group, whether it's your own Facebook group, or, you know, a Facebook group with a bunch of bloggers. And if that's just something that you do, on a particular, as soon as you posted, make sure that you do that. It's all of these habits are, they work hand to hand, it's almost like a chain, make sure you stick to your schedule

Another habit of successful blogger, bloggers, they do something real simple, they solve problems and pain points. So then they do that through content. Sounds simple. It's it's that simple, though, you can create a bunch of pieces of content from problems and pain, it's really, it's really sample. readers don't come to your blog, because of you all the time. You know that that's going to be the case sometimes, but they come there for information. If your blog doesn't provide solutions to their problems, they won't come back to it. So make sure you understand their needs, and things like that. So make sure every time you create content, your priority is to your readers, and their pain points.

The fifth habit is something so simple, and what their fifth habit is it's plan ahead and follow the plan, plan ahead, follow the plan, you're not going to start anything without a plan, whatever it is how you envision it, make sure you get something, do something, maybe if you're one of those visual people say, write it down, write it down, and do everything you say, on that piece of paper, whatever the plan is executed. And that's how you execute it, you have to follow it, sometimes you have to write it down. For me, I like writing things down. And therefore I cannot is something I can always go back to I can always read my handwriting. But it's something that I can always come back to, and you know, be as effective as I possibly can. By implementing the plan and executing it.

The sixth habit that I have for successful blogger is, know your audience, and interact with them. Now how do you know your audience, you're going to put that content out. And after wow, I will say after about a month, make sure that you come back I guess every maybe every week to see what they're talking about, not just what they're talking about, I guess after what I was gonna say is after every, I guess when you first put out content after every 30 After the first 30 days or so make sure you go to the analytics or Google Analytics. So you can see it's gonna tell you everything. It'll tell you to tell you what content is performing. It'll tell you where that traffic is coming from. It will tell you everything you want to know about the community that you're trying to build. You have to know your data to tell you whether they're male or female, what ages are reading content until you tells you your best performing content tells you all of that. So know your audience interact with them. Also interact with them as that's really important. I'll hear too many bloggers talking about how important comments are. So if you have people in your comments, respond back to them. Don't just leave them hanging, I don't care. If you're blogging, if you're on if you're doing YouTube video, whatever it is, interact with your audience, talk to them, that's the only way you're gonna know their pain points and things like that. Also their their deeper points, their deeper pain points, comments, make sure that you are interacting with your audience. The seventh habit of a successful blogger.

Number seven, this last one bloggers build email lists, bloggers build email lists, a lot of information about email lists. Maybe you're a person that may How can I do that? Well starts with an email service a service such as Aweber, ConvertKit, Get Response as so many others out there. Make sure you sign up for one of those services and you Get that thing going, how do you do that, you're gonna have to give something away, you're gonna have to create something, gonna have to create something for your audience create something, something that has to do with their pain point. You know, it can be a, you want it to be a freebie, you want it to be a freebie, like we have a free mini course on our website, make sure you learn how to collect those emails.

And a lot of those email services, they have videos and stuff tells you how to or shows you how to how to do those things and hook that up to your, your WordPress site. So it's pretty easy. It's not that hard at all. But build an email list. They always say the money is in the list. The money is in the list. I've heard it so many times about how the money is in the in the email list. You want to build an email list, nurture that list, get information from from our lives, ask questions and things like that. And they'll tell you, your audience will tell you what they want, what their problems are. building an email list is so important. It really is. It's like the it's, it's the thing. It's the thing that can that can set you apart. How about that? Saying they can definitely set you apart in your blog and journey building email lists.

Make sure you check out the show notes at niche blog and tips.com forward slash episode 32 Don't forget our private Facebook group and niche blogging tips.com forward slash group and our YouTube channel and niche blogging tips.com forward slash You Tube. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode about the seven habits of a successful blogger habits are very important. Just gotta get in get into a habit of doing these things, a habit of producing content, get into a habit of doing all these different things related to your blog. Thanks for listening to this episode. And we'll see in the next one. Thank you.

The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new but just like a lot of new bloggers you get stuck in a lot of different places because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat is what we call it and you can get that at nichebloggingtips.com anywhere on the website, nichebloggingtips.com Sign up for a Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat. It's a free mini course a Free Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat, check it out at nichebloggingtips.com.

Thanks for listening to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast at www.nichebloggingtips.com.

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