How To Make Money Blogging The Right Way [Episode 34]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 34

Want to make money blogging? In this Episode 34 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, I’m going to show you how to make money blogging the right way that will set up your blog for success. You’ve probably been struggling to make money blogging for a while now and it just isn’t working. You’re either making nothing, or you’re spending way too much time posting and not marketing your content the right way too.  Blogging can be very lucrative and is a great way to build your brand.  Learn the winning strategies for earning money from your blog so you can start blogging full-time and live the life of your dreams.

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And this episode number 34 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we're gonna talk about how to make money blogging the right way. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

We put together a resource page for a lot of the things that we don't talk about in our episodes, make sure you check that out. It has things such as ebooks, audio books, which are for sale. Also, it has things with different affiliate links, that helps us pay the bill. So make sure you check this out, it's at niche blogging,, forward slash resources, that's niche blogging,, forward slash resources.

As you guys know, there are so many different ways that you can make money blogging. And anytime I talk about making money blogging in any of these episodes, I'm not saying that there's only one or two ways or this way, that way, I'm not saying there's only stick to this way. This is just my perspective, my experiences and things like that. So I try to just kind of give you some perspective of how how I view things. But it's not the be all and end all in how to pull this thing off. So there's there's so many ways of doing doing things. And there's so many ways to make money blogging, the first thing I'm going to talk about, and I have a couple of points here.

And the first thing I want to talk about is have a clear path and plan to get traffic to your blog. Without traffic, nothing is happening. Make sure you have a clear path and plan to get that traffic a lot of times we get caught in the content part that just writing, we're just writing and we're and we don't even know we're writing about some of the things that I read, we're just writing and writing, oh, I got a blog post today. Let me press Publish. I wrote a blog post last week, and so on and so forth. So make sure you have a plan, get get real detail with how you're going to get this traffic, make sure you have multiple traffic sources, multiple traffic sources that work a couple of the traffic sources that I have in mind, especially if you are a beginner blogger,

Pinterest, and even YouTube. Yes, Pinterest. For some of you, you're probably not even on Pinterest. But you can get a ton of traffic to your blog by using Pinterest. A few of the keys in doing that is you have to understand a couple of things you have to understand you have to make sure you know what a group pan is. That's a I'm sorry, not a group pan a group board. That's where you're gonna pan you you pin your your images on what's called boards on Pinterest. And with a group board a group board is ran by obviously someone and it has a bunch of members is almost like Facebook version of a Facebook group, in a sense, but you can images in these groups are on these group boards. Make sure you do that. Also another another key is make sure that you're not just okay, I'm going to write a blog post and write one pan. And that's it. Our posts one pin, you should have multiple pins for your content. And make sure you distribute those pans, not just to group boards. But maybe you have some of your own boards also. But group boards definitely help and they are a staple. If you're on Pinterest, the one thing that I'm trying to say is make sure that you learn and understand Pinterest.

The other traffic source that I had had in mind actually got three other sources that I had in mind is YouTube. If you're doing YouTube videos, if you're if you have relevant content, you can take that particular link from your blog and put it in your description of your YouTube video, make sure it's relevant. So you just don't want to take random blog posts and spam all over your your YouTube videos in your descriptions. But that's a viable option. Also, let me go back to Pinterest, with Pinterest you need to be using. And I said this and I can't I can't emphasize this more. You need to be using multiple hands for your content. Let's say if you publish a piece of content today or publish a blog post today, and you initially had one hand that you put out there, you need to come back and do that a few more times. There is no limit to how you can do it you you can have 20 pans, so that going back to that particular content, but it's a way you should do that you shouldn't use like the same time titles and the same descriptions when you're using those Pinterest pins. So this is not episode about Pinterest just episode about how to make money blogging, but without the traffic, you can't make money blogging, so you need traffic and Pinterest can send you massive, massive traffic to your blog. And I talked about YouTube.

Another one is Reddit, understand how to use Reddit, it can help you in the long run. Reddit has what's called sub Reddits. Make sure that you are delivering value. In Reddit. Before you start posting anything, make sure you understand the rules and those sub reddit groups to understand whether or not and just sit back and watch how people do it. If you see anybody, anybody showing a link in their Reddit posts, see how they're doing it, I guarantee they're adding a bunch of value before they're doing that. And you need to make sure that you're not breaking any of the rules of that subreddit, also, of putting that in our book, the entire platform can send you massive traffic. I like Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit. And it's not saying anything bad about any of the other social media networks. But if you're starting off Pinterest, YouTube and Reddit will be a good thing for you.

Another thing and how to make money blogging the right way, I think is affiliate networks and programs with affiliate networks and programs. We're going to talk about some affiliate networks, I'm gonna talk about two of them. The first one is obvious is Google AdSense. If you're a beginner, you can start off with Google Adsense just like that. Today, when you start dealing with other ad networks like media vine, who requires like 50,000 sessions before you can even sign up to them. You shouldn't even be paying any attention right now. Now, make that part of your plan, if that's something that you want to do if you want to use ad networks, and you want to use media vine or any of the other ones out there that that have requirements, traffic requirements, make sure that's part of your plan.

As far as the affiliate programs, and I've spoken about these before, I've spoken about Impact radius ShareASale Commission Junction, ClickBank, JVZoo. There are a ton of affiliate networks but in order to make money, and I'm sorry, media, Vine and AdSense, that's a that's a part of the ad networks. That's something different than affiliate programs. So disregard I'm not I'm not going back and edit it, editing anything. So disregard what I just said about that. I'll get back to that. But the affiliate programs, impact radius ShareASale, Commission Junction, JVZoo. Clickbank, they will help you because you need affiliate revenue. Also, you don't have to also Amazon Amazon Associates throw that in there. Also, I didn't even have that written down. How in the heck did I forget that and I'm actually writing it down on my notes here, Amazon Associates, you can sign up for Amazon Associates and make affiliate income that way you can make money from affiliate income that way, but the networks that I spoke about the impact radius is ShareASale, commission junctions and JVZoo. Clickbank, they all have people that are companies that sell their products and services through those networks. So you need to go through those networks to find what you're looking for, for your particular content that may resonate with your audience with the people that's coming to your blog.

Alright, next, I will get on sign up for ad networks. That's what I was talking about with AdSense, Mediavine, and there's many other ones out there, I just kind of use those to write their AdSense. I don't think there's no traffic or requirements. So it shouldn't be a big deal for you to sign up for AdSense and put the code on your website and right places and possibly make money from that at some time. But media vine once you start getting up there, and sessions and how many people are coming to your website, like I said, it's 50,000 on media vine, that should be something that maybe interests you. So sign up to an ad network.

The last thing I want to talk about is something that nobody talks about when he talks about making money blogging, and this, this is what I mean, this is the one thing that really, really came to mind when I speak about making money blogging the right way this has, it has something to do with it, but it it can influence the traffic that comes to your website can influence the people that come to your website. You have to make sure that the messaging on your blog is on point. And you probably say what does that have to do with any Think if the messaging isn't on point, you may not get sales, or your conversion rates for sales, they're not going to be as high. If you are a blog for let's say, if you are some specific beauty blog, I don't know some sort of eyeliner that you like, or that you want to write about. If you're a blogger that writes about eyeliner, in the beauty niche, be specific about that particular product, or service, or whatever it is that you're selling in regards to that. Make sure the messaging on your blog matches the messaging on your social media sites, make sure those colors are the same. and things of that nature, make sure that things that you're saying are on brand.

Ultimately, blogging is about brand, it should be about brand, it's it's kind of going in that direction, if you have if you're into you know, smaller, like niche sites or whatever, that they may not be all the case for you. But I will still say do the same thing on that. Also the things that you're saying on your website on your blog, you should be saying those same you should have those same words and like the description or what have you. On your Facebook page on your other social media site. It's all about brand messaging. brand messaging is very important, even on a blog.

I hope that the things that I spoke about in this episode, hope it kind of rang rang a bell and it makes sense for for a lot of you guys and gals, make sure that you check out episode 34 in the show notes, there's a ditch blog and forward slash episode 34 Check out a private Facebook group at niche blogging forward slash group and our YouTube channel and niche blogging forward slash you too. Hey, thanks for listening to this episode. And we'll see you in the next episode of the niche blog and tips podcast. Thank you.

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