3 Ideas For Easy Blog Traffic [Episode 36]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 36

In this Episode 36, we will be discussing various ideas for easy blog traffic. We will talk about how you can increase your blog traffic by posting content on social media sites. If you are a blogger, then you know that it is not always easy to get blog traffic. It takes time and effort to generate traffic to your blog posts. However, there are some ideas that can help you with generating traffic quickly. This is a must-listen for bloggers who want to grow their blogs and attract more readers.  We will also talk about how you can get more followers to your blog by using Reddit as well.  Be sure to leave us a review on iTunes as well.

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In Episode 36 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we're going to talk about three ideas for easy blog traffic. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

We put together a resource page for a lot of the things that we don't talk about in our episodes, make sure you check that out. It has things such as ebooks, audio books, which are for sale. Also, it has things with different affiliate links that helps us pay the bill. So make sure you check this out. It's at nichebloggingtips.com/resources as nichebloggingtips.com/resources.

Blog traffic is the holy grail, for any blog. Without traffic, where would a website be? Where would your overall blog be? And a lot of times, when we start blogs, we think that it's gonna be a easy task. Or you might go in with the wrong mindset of thinking that maybe if you write a couple articles, and you're automatically gonna get traffic, and that's it, and sometimes you may get discouraged, but also the True Holy Grail in blog traffic is search engine traffic, you know, your Google's Bing, Yahoo. But pretty much Google traffic is the holy grail for blog traffic. And it's hard, it can be very hard, obviously, in some niches, it's easier to get traffic via the competition. So if the competition is low, then it's easier land grab, as opposed to if it's more of a highly competitive terms, then Google traffic or search engine traffic will be harder. But in this episode, we're going to talk about some some easy methods or some some easy platforms where you can get easier traffic. In the last episode, Episode 35, talked about the top trends for blogging. And one of the things that I discussed in that episode was visual content. And two of these that exemplify that.

The first one I want to talk about is YouTube, the YouTube platform. You can implement YouTube, with blogging, that you might say to yourself, why would I do that? Well, for for one, you can get traffic, obviously, from YouTube, from your viewers or whatnot, if you're putting out great content, and you can get backlinks. Also, you can do that by let's say if you are if you're making quality content, you're putting out some videos, and you're putting it out on the schedule. Maybe you're writing. Also, you're putting a video out while you're putting the blog posts out. And if those two topics, if your video and your blog posts complement each other, I would recommend you putting that link to your blog, in your description. And not only just put it in your description, you can talk about different things that in that particular blog post in your video. And that's, that's really the way you want to go about it. But when you put that link in your description, you will get a backlink and you'll get more links as people especially if it's a if it's a pretty hot topic and people want to share, or people will if people will share your video, you'll get more backlinks that way, YouTube, you can either make long form content or you can make short form content.

To do that, right now, I would highly recommend both but more so the short form version that YouTube shorts the short form version of YouTube so you can make your videos short. You can make them less than 60 seconds, you can make them is lowest 11 to 13 second videos, you can do that also. So there's so many ways that you can do it. But the traffic Google is the second largest search engine in the world that YouTube rather YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Google is the first is number one. And they they're obviously are owned by the same company. Google owns YouTube as well. You can are I would highly recommend you using both. And like I say at the YouTube shorts right now and you're getting more more eyes you get more reach on that content. So you can do the same thing with short form content. So it's just a different different mindset with the short form, video and the long form videos. But all in all, you can still utilize your blog, and mix your blog into your, you know, with your YouTube channel. Also, with that, you can you can do some things on your blog site. Also, if you are, if you already have traffic, you can promote your YouTube channel. But you always want to send people to your blog from your video. So you can speak about your blog directly. Also, in your YouTube video.

The second thing I was going to talk about in terms of easy blog traffic is website called Pinterest social media platform called Pinterest. If you haven't been on there, you can check it out pinterest.com. Pinterest is a visual site where you can make what's called pins. And you can place those pins on what's called boards. And it's a really fun site is a really visual site is a real big visual site. And you can leave links to whatever it is you're talking about, on Pinterest. And you can get big time traffic, also to your blog. If you're not new to Pinterest, or you have no idea what Pinterest is just go on there at Pinterest, pi n t e r e s t.com. And just like any brand new social platform, just go on there and look around, see what other people are doing. Look at I guess, see if you can find, I guess if you can find just find something that resonates with you, you can actually go to there, they have a search tab also you can search whatever niche that you're in and see what people are doing on there.

There's a lot of different things you can do on here. But keep it simple. It's really a simple, simple platform where you can deliver, you can deliver a lot of content, you can deliver a lot of value on here. And you should want to not just give value in terms of price to give but do things such as pin other pins to different boards, but you can sign up for what's called group boards also. So a lot with a lot of these boards. Some of them are like Facebook groups, and all other groups that you may have on different social media sites. And with the Pinterest groups, it's kind of an exclusive group club type of vibe. And you want to and you want to find some that's conducive to the type of content that you're that you're producing. And join knows that's after you actually learn the platform, you can join some Pinterest groups, find some that that resonate with the type of content that you are writing about. And it's a very, very viable platform pinterest.com.

This last one I want to talk about is one that sometimes I believe people abuse abuse them, but people are so smart on his platform that they're not gonna let you be that much, and they're gonna hold you accountable. And that's reddit.com or add i t reddit.com. And it's also a site that has some sort of group element to it. And those are called sub Reddits. It's really a tight knit community on Reddit, actually, the sub Reddits are like, that's just what they are. They're like communities you can find, like I said, just like Pinterest, things that you're interested in communities that that you are writing about, or communities, things that you are producing content about, and find a community for it. And the one thing you cannot do is don't even attempt to spam any of the sub Reddits you want to see what the what those communities what they allow, you know, a lot of times you can direct message the owners of the group if you have any questions about about things, but it's all about like any social platform you want to give more than you take and what do you mean by that?

Like, Share, Comment things post about things. When you post about things. Don't put a link in it, you can do that but don't start off doing it that way. Don't start off doing it that way at all because people are going to see right through you and they're gonna see right through you fat join. immerse yourselves into these communities here and I'm speaking about Reddit, if that calls for you been in a group for three for five, six months before you even try to do something like putting a link somewhere, there's a lot of these groups will tell you, they'll tell you a lot of the sub Reddits, they'll tell you, you know, no links and all that. But there's ways you can, you can kind of slide those links in there. But you have to give spa given, give way more than you take. And then you can slide a link in there into your posts.

If you have if you're posting about something you can say if you want to ask a question about some or let's say, if you want to talk about an article that you put out, you don't even have to say I've written an article, you can just kind of talk about whatever it is that that you wrote without saying you wrote it. And then at some point, you could kind of drop a link in that particular posts. But don't just go on these groups and sharing links and stuff like that don't even if they allow you to, I wouldn't do it like that, because a lot of people are going to look right through it and you want to turn a lot of folks off and you don't want to do that at all. But those are the three easy platforms that can go along with your blog, that's YouTube, Pinterest, and read it. Check out the show notes on this episode at niche blogging tips.com forward slash, Episode 36 That's the show notes at nichebloggingtips.com/episode36 check on our private Facebook group also in nichebloggingtips.com/group and our YouTube channel at nichebloggingtips.com/youtube. Thanks for listening to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast and we'll see you in episode 37 coming up, Thank you and enjoy.

The thought of having a blog is so important, especially when you're new but just like a lot of new bloggers you get stuck in a lot of different places because you're getting all this information from all these different places, all these different bloggers or whatnot. But what we did was we put together a free mini course we call it the Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat is what we call it and you can get that at nichebloggingtips.com anywhere on the website nichebloggingtips.com. Sign up for Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat a free mini course a free Five Day Blogging Mini Retreat, check it out at nichebloggingtips.com.

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