Pros And Cons Of Making Money Blogging [Episode 38]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 38

In Episode 38 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we’re talking about the good and bad of making money blogging. We’ll cover both the good and bad aspects of making money blogging. We’ll also go over some tips for how to make money blogging. The blogosphere is a vast world with many opportunities for bloggers who are looking to make some extra cash on the side. Some people may be skeptical about this kind of opportunity, but it’s really not that difficult to get into if you have an idea or two in mind.  I discuss the pros and cons of making money blogging and some of the things that you should consider before trying to make money blogging.

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In Episode 38 of the Niche Blogging Tip Podcast, we're gonna talk about the pros and cons of making money blogging. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

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Alright, I'm gonna get right into it. I have three pros and three cons of making money blogging, we're gonna get right into it. I'll go with, let's go with the pros. First, let's go with the pros. You know, you always have good news and bad news. And you want to hear the good news before hear the bad news. Or maybe some of us like to hear the bad news first. But in this episode, we're gonna go with the pros.

Alright, we're gonna talk about the pros. First of making money blogging, the first pro of making money blogging is it can give you instant credibility with your readers. So if you are, let's say, if you're a food blogger, and I guess that that's not, that's not a good one, let's just say if you are, if you are a content creator, that let's just say, digital marketing, if you're a digital marketer, and you talk about all of the you know, all these different ways that that you're making money, all these different, I guess, income avenues that that you're making, that's gonna give you that's gonna give you credibility with your readers, especially if you do things like show your you have to show evidence. So evidence in terms of, I guess, your your sheets, like your affiliate, your affiliate payments, per se. So people want to see that they want to see the payments they want to see, they just want to see if it's real or not. When they see it's real there, you have their eyes and ears. Now you have eyes and ears of people, because they want the same thing for their particular business owners, their particular blog, they want same thing that they want those results, the results that you show. So it'll give you instant credibility. That's the first pro to making money blogging.

Second Pro, is you can reinvest back into the blog, I highly recommend, I definitely highly recommend that. But that's definitely a pro, you can take the money that you've made from blogging, and you can do things such as get better tools for your blog, you can do things like get writers for your blog, so you won't be the one actually writing for the blog, you can actually hire, hire it out. So outsource, you can do things like that. And that's really important because what you have now is when you do things like that you have time, and then you can produce your output can be better also. So you can spend your time doing other things within your blog or spend your time the way you want to spend it. When you have things such as better tools and writers and like I said, outsourcing it to writers. That's, that's real, real big. That's definitely a pro.

The third pro I have is it can give you financial stability, if you maybe you are and I'm not saying financial stability of, you know, maybe one of the top bloggers, maybe you don't want to do anything like that maybe you do, I don't know, it can still give you financial stability to where maybe you can quit your job. Or maybe you can take more trips. And maybe you can just do things that you always wanted to do that you couldn't otherwise do before this blog of yours, can provide you or may have provided you with just so many other great opportunities in terms of the financial stability part, the freedom part of your blog, and that's why a lot of people start blogs because they want the freedom you know, they see the the computer, the laptop on the beach and all that you know, using all those different pictures or what have you, but the financial stability that lores almost everyone into the world of blogging.

We gonna go to the cons I have three kinds of making money blogging, and the first con that I have is you may turn off your readers if you are talking too much about your successes. Now, I can definitely see that, I can definitely see that. And that does happen. So you have to be really careful. Depending on what niche you're in, you have to be really careful talking about, you're talking too much about your success, because remember, it's about the readers not about you. Now, yes, you, you may have a blog, where to readers, you know, you can show them certain things and say, Hey, I've done this, that or the other, I can help you in this particular way. That's good, never deterred from that. Sometimes, when you're talking about yourself too much, people are gonna get turned off by it. And you can kind of, you can kind of tell when someone does that a little too much for your liking. And that's a con people will definitely get turned off. If you're talking too much about your successes.

The other con I have is it takes work and patience to make money blogging, takes work takes a lot of work. I'm saying in the case of most people, that's why in the Pro, the second pro, I talked about hiring writers, because it's time freedom. And we are definitely want that. But it takes it takes an overall blog, it takes work takes a lot of content takes a lot of content, whether it's blog content, or or whatever else type of content that you're adding with your blog. And it takes a whole lot of patience. Because you don't want it takes a lot of patience, because you don't want to go in and just automatically think, yeah, I'm gonna be making all this money with my blood, you don't want even, you don't want to think about that. Me personally, I try not to even Yeah, you go in with a with a mindset and you have, you know, you kind of know what it takes to have a successful blog to make money blogging, I don't have when I start a blog, I don't have high expectations. I just kind of know, hey, if I get this is what I want to do. I want to make sure I you know, if I outsource it, or if I'm writing the content myself, these are the stages that that I want to be in, okay, it might take me this amount of time, even if it even if I don't reach that goal. I don't come in there. I don't come in with a complete mindset of money, per se, if you know what I mean. Yeah, that's the goal. Of course, that's the goal. That's the goal to make money blind, and we all want it.

We all want to make money blogging, period, there is no There's no hiding that. But it takes patience. It may even I mean, patience, it takes time. So it might even take you two years before you even see anything on your blog, might just do that. Maybe Maybe you have it. Technically, it shouldn't take you quite that long. But for some people it does, maybe you don't have you're not working on your blog all the time, maybe you're just putting out so much content, you can only write a blog post every other week, it adds up all that adds up the time aspect of it, it it adds up because when I start a blog, I'm looking, I'm looking at it from also from a perspective of how many blog posts do I need for that particular bike to get traffic if I'm just you know, dependent on Google traffic, or what have you, I know I'm gonna have to be patient with I don't have an expectation of six months, I'm gonna be making money with this thing. I set out an expectation of something in terms of time, a lot further than six months. That's just me maybe if you have the resources or whatnot, maybe in and depending on what what's, what the niche is. Maybe you can do it quicker than that. But you still you still have to be patient. Because it's going to take work, it's going to take work and it's going to take a whole heck of a lot of patience.

The third con i have in order to make money blogging, is the danger if you're too open with your money. We live in the in the social media world now. You have to be real careful, because there's always a danger when it comes to money because you never know who's listening. You never know who's watching. You just never know. I'm not a big proponent of of photos and videos showing off money and showing off cars and cash and and even other things. You know, I'm not I'm not big in that at all. You know, I'm kind of, not kind of I'm against that because it's foolish, his foolish because like I say you don't know who's watching. You don't know who's listening. You just don't know. And you don't want to get hit with the element of surprise and some unfortunate happens to you. So you just have to be careful. You have to be very, very careful when

it comes to not just making money blogging, just doing things like that period, you know, with social media and all this stuff going on. That's the danger if you do If you're too open, you are opening up yourself to possible danger. So just be careful, be careful. Those are the pros and cons. I put out six of them with three apiece through the pros three and a cons. And just wanted to give you some to think about when it comes to making money blogging. Of course, like I said, we all want it we all covet it. Take those things into consideration. When you are thinking about blogging or when you are blogging, make sure you check out the show notes at Also our private Facebook group, join our frat join if you're on Facebook, our private Facebook group and Also our YouTube channel wet Thanks for joining in and checking out this episode of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast and we will see you in the next episode. Thank you and enjoy.

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