Which Is Best-Blogging Or YouTube? [Episode 39]

Niche Blogging Tips Podcast Episode 39

In Episode 39, we will explore the pros and cons of both blogging and YouTube to help you decide which one is best for you.  Blogging and YouTube are two different forms of content creation. Blogging is a form of content creation that focuses on storytelling and generating ideas, while YouTube is a video-based platform.  In this episode, I will talk about which platform(s) might be better for you. I will also discuss the benefits of each platform and the reason behind both.   You’ll learn what and why I think is best between a blog or YouTube Channel so take a listen Right Now!

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In Episode 39 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we're gonna talk about blogging, or YouTube, which is best? Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

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Should you start a blog? Or should you start a YouTube channel, which is viable for the type of content that you would enjoy? Putting out? That's a question and a lot of times content creators go back and forth with it. But I have an interest interest in perspective on it. And I will share that perspective at the end. But I'll do it like this. First, I'll talk about blogging and do not go on to YouTube blog. And first of all, it's time consuming, you know that it is very, very time consuming. And you shouldn't go into it with the expectations of getting a whole lot of traffic right away, or to have a lot of content on your blog. Because it's time consuming. It takes time to write articles it takes time to do even before the writing part takes time to do a lot of the research takes time to do even the keyword researching. And a lot of the things in between, it just takes time, it's gonna take time are you writing with a pen Are you typing, but all of that stuff matters. Because if you have a pen in your hand, and you're writing and then you're typing it into your computer, I would say, I'm not, I'm not so sure about that. Now, some people may do something to the effect of, maybe you can record your voice and then get it transcribed, you can do that also. But still all that stuff, it's it's time consuming. The overall process of of blogging is time consuming, you should definitely take that into consideration.

Now also, the place where you want your viewers and visitors to go to your other content or your destination place, you should want that to be your blog, there's a bunch of different pros and cons about blogging, definitely for 100%. Also on the YouTube tab and and with that real quick here, it's a must that you mastered the YouTube platform, if you are planning on YouTube. And I will say the the same with blogging also, you ought to follow people within your particular niche that are doing the things that you want to do see what type of content that they're putting out. In the case of YouTube, to do the same thing, they're someone in the same niche as you they're making videos about the same kind of content that you want to put out. But you have to you have to master it, you're probably saying how can I do that? Well, they're not getting it. It's not a mistake where someone's getting X amount of views, or I'll just say a ton of views, just because they're getting a bunch of views because people are interested in their content, people are interested in that particular topic. So they're searching that topic.

They're searching that topic on YouTube. Also, more people will view your videos quicker than reading your blog. The algorithms even though you know we're talking, I'm just speaking, I'm just speaking in terms in terms of the blog that the SEO factor the search engine optimization factor. So the Google aspect of it. It's going to be time consuming, whether it's Google whether you are looking to go on site like Pinterest to get traffic. Also, because that's the name of the game, the name of the game. And blogging is traffic, the name of the game, and YouTube or viewers. But there's a lot of things on YouTube that you have to consider things that that platform wants things that even though they're the same Google and YouTube, Google owns YouTube, Google being the first or the number one search engine in the world and YouTube being the second search engine in the world, you still have to understand the platforms are different blogging platform is different. So the search engine, the optimization card, it's different.

YouTube is different, even though you you you may consume content on both The viewer, or the person is different. You're not, you're not the same person. In Google search as you are. In YouTube, you're two different people or reading going to someone's blog, you expect different things going to someone's blog, as I should say, then you are going to their YouTube channel, because you expect the expectations on those platforms, a different expectation with blogging is different. I should, I shouldn't say Google early, but you kind of understand what I'm saying, I'm sure. But the expectation on YouTube is a lot different. You have to, you have to understand that there's a bunch of pros. And there's a bunch of cons when dealing with blogging in YouTube.

Now, to answer the question of which is best blogging or YouTube, in my humble opinion, they work best together, they work best together, I wouldn't say and here's why I say that, you should always have a destination, when you're, when you're my mindset, when it comes to online is a central location, I need a central location, because obviously, I'm trying to, I'm trying to get in tune with my readers. So I'm trying to help them as much as possible. So I'm trying to, I want them to go to a central location where I can provide some, some resources for them. And I can't put all of those resources in my YouTube. Because I mean, you can, but you don't want to clutter, you definitely don't want to clutter the space given on YouTube. But you can because you want to, you know, you want to use your links and stuff like that, and put them in your description and tell people to hate go to this particular site or go there for this resource, you definitely want to do that. But it's definitely that that central location, and you want that to be your blog, but you want the benefits of YouTube, because people are on YouTube searching is a search based platform. But they obviously recommend videos.

So it's kind of a search, it kind of works together with the search aspect of it. And the recommendation aspect along with the entrance aspect of it. Also, you want to put out those videos, because there are people looking for your are looking for the type of information that you put out on YouTube, obviously. And obviously, in search, also, there's people looking for the information you want to put out. So you want to start a blog for that you want to my mindset about this is you want to work hand in hand with each other. You don't just want a YouTube channel, or you shouldn't just want just a blog, you want both, and you can operate both. And it's not hard, really hard to do. So you just have to have certain expectations for both certain expectations for the type of content, you're putting out certain expectations for how much content that you put out on either of those platforms, you can make them work with each other, you have to have a lot of patience while blogging, whereas YouTube, the algorithm will go crazy.

And what I mean by will go crazy is the virality of it is a lot better, and it's gonna be a lot more you're gonna, you can go viral a lot quicker on YouTube, then your blog go viral. That's not to say your blog can't go viral. It's the time that you put into that blog in order for it to go viral for most people. Now, you do have people that maybe you're putting out the type of content and it gets picked up by let's say a CNBC picks up your article, or just some big website, CNN, Forbes entrepreneur.com, just some website that has a boatload of people that's interested in a particular blog post particular article that you put out, yeah, it can go viral does no question about that. And it can also YouTube, your YouTube video can a video can blow up, it can blow up and get you a whole bunch of viewers just like I said previously, which are which are blocked, which you can get so much traffic and they're blocked and shut down. That's kind of a good thing to me. But in a sense, as long as you get it back up in time, the virality of YouTube is much higher than the virality of your blog. Make sure you take that into consideration.

You can check out the show notes in this episode at niche blogging tips.com forward slash episode 39 And you can add to this discussion also at our Facebook group at niche blogging tips.com forward slash group that's niche blog wagon tips.com forward slash group and our YouTube channel at niche blogging tips.com forward slash YouTube. Hey, thanks for listening to this episode of the niche blogging tips podcast, and we will see you in the next episode episode 40 is coming up, stay tuned. And thank you enjoy

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