How To Start Niche Blogging In A Nutshell [Episode 7]

In episode 7 we explore How To Start Niche Blogging (In A Nutshell) or an overview of how we see it.  Keyword research using different free tools such as Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers, Google Keyword Planner along with a few other methods. We touch on using affiliate marketing and why promoting your blog is key. This is a short episode to get the listener to think of niche blogging or blogging in general from a simple uncomplicated view. Catch up with Episode 6 if you haven’t listened already.

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Google Trends

Keywords Everywhere

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In this episode of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we're going to discuss how to start niche blogging.

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Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

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What's going on everybody, my name is Andre. And this is as you know, the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, and we're gonna discuss how to start a niche, blogging, niche, niche, niche, niche, depending on what part of the world you're living in. Probably gonna say that a little different, but you're gonna hear me say niche, niche, you're gonna hear me say niche, not niche.

But anyway, a niche is a specific area niche, when you think a niche, just think of being specific. So if you are, I don't know, if you are, let's say you love sneakers. So you want to start a blog about something in the sneaker field, I don't think you just want to start a blog about just playing sneakers, you want to look up something or you want to you want to talk about something specific, in terms of sneakers, that that could be anything, I don't care if it's shoestrings, for sneakers, if it's the color of sneakers, if it's Air Force One sneakers, if it's you know, any, any popular sneakers, or whatnot, you know, be specific about it.

And that's what, pretty much what niche means in terms of not just in blogging, but just about anything. So think about that specific, you want to find a specific area to put content out about so think of it that way. So you want to determine what you should write about what niche you want to participate in, you know, look, look a couple of places, first of all, what are you interested in only, you know, then, you know, maybe you're looking for, you know, you want to use your your expertise, or maybe you want to do something new, some new and different.

So one of the things that I will recommend is keyword research, are just playing or researching for even start talking about keywords, but plain all research and and there's so much on the inner interwebs these days, the internet these days, where you can look just about anywhere to search. But where a place where I will start, I will start Google Trends on Google Trends. That's the Google Trends website.

So you can you know, if you guys already know about that, or for some of you that don't know about it, just Google it, Google Trends, and it'll tell you all the trending topics and you can kind of break it down also into, I guess, whatever area that you're in, you know, if you're looking for some in the US, if you're looking for something maybe in Europe, if you look for something in Australia, you know, if you're looking you know, anywhere, you can kind of break that down, you can look on the, I guess the right hand tab, if you all have your computers on look on, you'll see where it says whatever state that you're in, and you can kind of change that or not state whatever country that you're in, and you can kind of change that you can also you can break it down by state and all that but I will keep it in terms of countries because you want to reach a specific area in terms of you know, where you live your location or what have you.

So Google Trends is a is a very cool and it's you know, it's a free tool that you can use to determine your niche now, like I said, there's so many other ways you have Amazon is one also so in Amazon, but we don't need to go on Amazon for well, because Amazon sells, you know, products, different products. Amazon also sells books.

So maybe you want to look up you know, what particular you know, you want to go around there they have what's called a best sellers list. So you can kind of see what's selling also not not only in terms of books when it comes to best sellers. There's just one thing that you can use, but you can look in there, you know, reviews also but look at Amazon Best Sellers and kind of go on there and see what's what's trending.

And once you find what's what's, you know what you want to write about what niche you're interested in, you can go to you can use the keyword planner, Google Keyword Planner, that's free sign up for that, also, and you can, you know, it's going to give you an accurate depiction of the keywords, you know, related to whatever niche that you want to write about. And it will give you topics also.

So for instance, if you want to write something about, let's just say blogging, you'll see a bunch of different topics about blogging, niche, blogging, and blogging for beginners, and, you know, it will break it down better than that. Also, you know, different keywords, you know, different, you know, short term and, you know, loan, not short term, short tail or long tail words, but you might want to go after the long tail words.

Also another, another place is Uber suggests, also, if you want to talk about keyword planner, another thing is a Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere, you know, that's a, I would say, there's some free elements to it, but you know, they have a paid version of that also.

I'm not sure if I spoke about YouTube, and, you know, their auto suggests deal. So, you know, you can put, you know, words into the search bar, and you can kind of do that on Google, as well. And it'll spit out different phrases and, and things like that around what type of content, what type of keywords, what type of niche that you're looking for. So you can get a lot of useful information from YouTube and Google search you the YouTube search bar in the Google search bar, you can get a lot of use out of that. So you want to make sure you have that down.

And you want to make sure that, you know, you're specific as possible, and you want to write articles Or on this podcast, we call them blog posts. You want to you know, write blog posts about that. But obviously, before that, you know, you you know, you need your blog name, you know, get your blog on online, you know, through hosting, you got to get your domain name and you get your hosting, you want to make sure that you design your blog, right, customize your blog, and then you can start writing and publishing content.

And then from there, you want to promote your blog as well through you know, social media or what have you. And, you know, you kind of want to use the affiliate, affiliate marketing, different affiliate programs, you know, kind of write your content around that stuff. Also, and that's pretty much in a nutshell of how to start niche blogging, I don't know if I want to keep saying niche or niche. I'm gonna say I'm all about that.

We'll have that information in the show notes at as And let's keep the discussion going in our private Facebook group at that's

Let's hang out over there and add to the discussion. In the next episode, I'm going to talk about what I think is the best niche to start blogging in so make sure you listen to the next episode, so make sure you subscribe and all of that good stuff. We'll see you in the next episode. Thank you.

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