Top 5 Niches For Blogging [Episode 9]

In Episode 9 of the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast, we talk about the Top 5 Niches For Blogging on a broader basis.  Though there are many profitable niches and sub-niches to write about, we hone in on Five topics that are sizeable from a macro perspective.  What’s interesting is that they all relate to Happiness (at least to me).  Just remember that there are so many sub-niches that covet these five areas of interest.  Take a listen and leave a comment in our Private Facebook group to keep the discussion going but don’t forget to check out Episode 8!

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In Episode 9 of a niche blog and podcast, we're going to discuss the top five niches for blogging.

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Welcome to the Niche Blogging Tips Podcast where we help you start and grow a successful blog. And now your host, Andre Vaughn.

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There are so many areas you can go into to start a niche blog. This episode, I'm going to talk about five of them that I think I'm gonna tell you the reason why. And I'm also going to tell you why I think there are good areas to start blogs in. And I'm not going to hold you for too long. So what I'm looking at, here's what I'm looking at, in these five that I'm about to tell you. I'm looking at what all five of these bring to people and what all five of them bring the people is the word that keeps coming to mind when I think about these niches is happiness. Because happiness it really is.

The first one that I want to tell you is food, anything in the food niche. We love eating food. We love to prepare food. We love to do almost anything that has to do with food we eat every day. Some of us all day. We love eating, we love eating different things. We love experiencing different culinary ideas and all of that. So food is the first niche and you have niches within food sub niches such as vegan, such as you know, chefs love man, they can tell you so just so many different things about food and about where it comes from and how it's grown. And there's so many things you can do within the food niche, but food because like I said, it's one of the things that I think about that brings happiness, we're always happy when it comes to food.

Another area I think what makes people happy Money makes people happy. So people are always looking for financial guidance. So anything that has to do with personal finance, any of that stuff so that's another wide when also we have you know retirement we have investing you know, real estate, there's so many different things right now we have I tell you a hot area right now is cryptocurrency. So there's so much within the crypto space that we can explore. NF T's those are non fungible tokens. So there's so many things like I said, within crypto NFT, and all that stuff, but money, however you want to look at it money, financial guidance, some may just say personal finance, just all of that is like one niche. So you can, you can definitely find something in that in that space also. So I think that's one of the top niches that you can write a blog, write a blog, write a blog about. And come with a lot of focus on that's what I was about to say had a little pause there. But that's what I was about to say,

Third area where I think about happiness. That's the theme for today is happiness. Travel. So, I don't know about you guys, but I mean, since this, this pandemic, I haven't done a lot of traveling as of late but I love watching travel blogs, or travel vlogs so you have people that vlog about travel and a lot of those people they blog about travel, they write about travel. So there's so many niches within the travel niche, you know, so many things locally, you know, you have people traveling locally, maybe to different restaurants, maybe to different, you know museums, and just all these different experiences that may be in one's own city or in different cities or what not.

You have people traveling across The country that you live in, so I'm sure there's great spots and great experiences in your country. You know, like here in the US, you know, you have people that travel from state to state and enjoy so many different things about a particular state or particular area, also traveling abroad. So there's actually a, one of the travel vlogs I'm talking about vlogging. Now, videos that I enjoy, there's a guy named Ace Live, you know, he likes to travel across the, all across the Latin across Latin America, so kind of like his travel vlog. But I'm not even sure if he has a if he has a blog or what not.

But there's a lot of different travel blogs out there too. But find something specific within travel, that interests you, that you can write about. So, to me, that's one of the top five niches for blogs, and one of the top three thus far food, pretty much personal finance and travel.

My fourth area, where I think about happiness, is especially if you achieve great health, so health and wellness. So there's so many areas that you can go into, in the health and wellness area, one of them that's hot, that's real hot right now that that has a bunch of traction is mental health. And you know, there's so many ways we can go into the mental health space, if we want to kind of break that down and find a niche within the mental health space. But just wellness in general, general, we all want to, you know, have good mental health, we want to have good physical health, also. So that's what we, you know, a lot of us strive for at least. So if you, you know, obviously, if you're, if you're welding, if you're well, then you know, you're gonna live or live a longer life and just, you know, be more productive daily in your daily life. So, health and wellness.

Okay the fifth, that rounds off the top, the top five niche niches for blogging, the way I look at it, is lifestyle. So there's so many different lifestyle areas of blogging, also. So you can go into a ton of areas, and the thing that I like about lifestyle blogs is that, you know, they have their own little communities, and people, the community seem to love and this will this will go on in almost got any niche, but it really jumps out at me, and the lifestyle niche that the community loves the leader of that particular niche. So you have things such as you know, parenting, so many we can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about lifestyle, but whatever makes people happy, and that that you can help them with in their daily lives. Also, you can kind of look at it from their perspective, but there's so many little different niches within the lifestyle area of blogging.

And those are my top five niches for blogging. What I got a quick question for you guys. What is your top five niche for blogging? So what appeals to you? Or what are you saying? What are you looking at out there that that looks pretty appealing in terms of if you had put together a top five list, and I want you guys to go to, that's our Facebook group. So go in there and tell me what your top five niches are for a blog. And also, we'll leave we have the show notes and,

In Episode 10 we're going to talk about that I guess we're gonna talk about the most profitable blogging niches what I'm saying is the most profitable blogging niches and I'm not going to give you like a top 100 list or anything like that.

I'll reel off a few maybe a good 10 of those areas. And will maybe you guys are on like like I'm saying in this particular podcast you can you can tell me your you know five to 10 or, or what or hat however bigger list that I have in the next episode but it's going to be the the most profitable blogging niches. We'll see you in the next episode. Thank you.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Hello, I'm Andre L. Vaughn and I'm fascinated with Niche Blogging and content marketing in general. I'm here to help you by delivering blogging tips and strategies to help you start a profitable blog in low competition niches. I'm glad to give as much value as I possibly can to help your blog become successful. Come along and let's have fun on this journey!

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[…] Top 5 Niches For Blogging  [Episode 9] […]


[…] Top 5 Niches For Blogging  [Episode 9] […]